Hindsight is a wonderful thing! We all do it, I wish I could have done it back then, I shouldn’t have procrastinated, I should’ve take…n care of it before things got out of hand. When that bad news come in, often there were several warnings along the way to try and straighten your path but of course we are too busy and doing what we feel is important at that stage to take care of the necessaries.

I felt I had to deal with this one this morning as I got an anonymous call from someone this morning wanting to take some critical illness cover and income protection. Now anyone who is in the financial industry, you know that you barely get such calls unless something has already happened or a wake up call has taken place. This lovely gentleman had just been diagnosed with the dreaded BIG C and as a self employed agency worker, he was worrying about how he would manage the household bills and look after his family during treatment. Instead of concentrating on the best way to deal with that sucker, worries about money, what will happen to his children came flooding through his mind and of course he wanted cover now! Too late for any insurer to take the risk now and perhaps that £50 a month that seemed like a lot of money to pay before now pales in comparison to the £250 a day loss in income that they will experience. What I did at that point with them was prayed for healing and a sound mind for them to be able to fight the horrible illness the way I believe my Lord Jesus can do.

Our lifestyles, our diets, genetic makeup make us prone to all sorts of things and in the last month I have witnessed many children too get diagnosed with all sorts of horrible critical illnesses. One thing that is true is that life is filled with many unexpected surprises but we have a responsibility to open our eyes to the fact that these things can happen and mitigate the risks by putting our houses in order n whatever way we are able to do so!

Are you ever going to die? Make sure you have some life insurance!

Can you rule out that you will never get diagnosed with a serious illness? Then rule it in and put some cover in place just in case, it is not a waste of money, you will be happy if you never have to claim on it but it could save your home, your sanity, your peace if you ever need to!

Can you survive without your monthly income if you are off work sick? Find money to ensure that that is taken care of, your income is a main vehicle and key to get you to most things that you have to do and achieve here on earth!
Are you working hard and building up your portfolio of assets? Then secure a succession plan and put your WILL in place to ensure that the baton is passed on to who you want to get it when you are no longer around and avoid family quarrels!

Have you got children? Ensure that you invest and make sure that you do everything within your ability to give them the best foundation in life, whether you are around or not!

Many say ignorance is bliss but I hope I have disturbed you to take action this morning. Proverbs 22 vs 3 says The prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. This morning, choose PRUDENCE, she will keep you! Inbox me today…and

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